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Buonissimo Co., Ltd, headed by the Italian born, Chiang Mai-based entrepreneur Sergio Canale, is presently revolutionizing the way we think about frozen food products. Using state of the art Italian-made Domingnomi machinery, under the supervision of a five-star veteran Italian chef and Italian technicians, traditional Italian recipes containing only the finest ingredients are now available as frozen food items.



Sergio Canale, having worked in the restaurant business in Chiang Mai for more than two decades, has for the past three years been delivering frozen food products to five-star hotels and restaurants in the city of Chiang Mai. Implementing a vast knowledge of Italian cuisine nurtured from generations of traditional cooking in his home town Genoa, Canale is now in the process of expanding Buonissimo to bring quality, locally-made products to household consumers via supermarket chains. However, in keeping with the objectives of small-scale Italian factories to create traditional products containing no preservatives or added colours and flavourings, Buonissimo had become one-of-its-kind manufacturer in Thailand. Canale conceived of this idea when back home in Italy, whereupon he realized the possibility of producing similar quality foods abroad. As in the case with many Italian local factories, without the limitations of expensive transportation costs and heavy taxes, food made in Thailand would not have to be degraded by low-quality ingredients and additives that spoil the intended flavor.



Buonissimo, registered by the Thai Health Department, intends to start distribution in the north of Thailand, and later expanding nationwide. At a further point in the time distribution will spread throughout the South East Asia region. The present factory in Maejo has production lines capable of producing around a ton of pasta, baked goods, and other delicacies each day.

The operations and products will not only be under the closest scrutiny by its current management and trained staff, but visiting regular specialists from Italy will bring new ideas to areas of food production, machine technology, and the recipes themselves.



Frozen and dried products – such as pasta – when intended for large-scale distribution, for reason mostly of cost-saving, are not usually expected to retain the quality of original recipes. Dried pasta for instance has been through the pasteurization process, while sauces, desserts, contain added flavours or cheaper replacements for premium ingredients such as milk.

Buonissimo, at its location in the verdant Maejo suburb of Chiang Mai, can assure quality ingredients by only having to maintain a small scale factory and not being subjected to heavy transportation costs and import taxes. Moreover, ingredients such as chicken, milk or eggs can be locally sourced from the many farms in the area. This is one reason Buonissimo guarantees that there is ‘no compromise on quality ingredients’. All products contain no trans-fats, MSG, colorings or flavourings.


Under the guidance of an experienced Italian technician to oversee the running of the machines, and experienced chef to maintain quality control, each product when served is what you can expect from some of the world’s finest Italian restaurants. Each product is made fresh and immediately blast frozen, and so on being defrosted retains its intended taste, much as you would expect when dining out. Hence Buonissimo’s slogan, “Now anyone can cook.”

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