black ravioloni

lobster, shrimp

& ricotta

Ingredients (Pasta): Italian Flour, Egg, Water, Squid Ink.

Ingredients (Filling): Lobster, Shrimps, Ricotta, Bechamel (White Cream), Parmesan Cheese, Bread Crumbs, Salt.

Preservation Time (-18ºC):  1 year

Weight of a piece (g): 9 gr

Recommended weight per serving (gr):  100 - 120 gr
Length of a piece (mm):  55 mm

Width of a piece (mm):  60 mm

Ravioloni are a variation of the traditional ravioli being bigger in size and shaped as a triangle. Sealed between two layers of fresh pasta naturally colored with squid ink are a variety of fillings, like this rising "star" among our Ravioloni stuffed with lobster, shrimps and creamy ricotta for a meal you won't be able to forget.


500 GR                                     5000 GR (8858824700297)                                           (TRV5LSR)        

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