EGG BASED black tagliolini

Ingredients: Italian Flour, Egg, Water, Squid Ink.

Preservation Time (-18ºC):  1 year

Weight of a nest (gr):  100 gr

Recommended weight per serving (gr):  100 - 120 gr

N. of nests recommended per serving:  1
Length of a noodle (mm):  280 mm

Width of a noodle (mm):  2 mm

Tagliolini are long pasta noddles that present a slightly cylindrical shape and paper-thin thickness that distinguishes them from the classic spaghetti.

This kind of pasta matches best with smooth, simple and elegant sauces and is often paired with black and white truffle. The squid ink added to the dough gives it its distinctive black color and a slightly briny taste.


200 GR                                     1000 GR

(8858824702103)                                   (8858824700338)

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