EGG BASED green tagliolini

Ingredients: Italian Flour, Egg, Water, Minced Spinach.

Preservation Time (-18ºC):  1 year

Weight of a nest (gr):  100 gr

Recommended weight per serving (gr):  100 - 120 gr

N. of nests recommended per serving:  1
Length of a noodle (mm):  280 mm

Width of a noodle (mm):  2 mm

Tagliolini are long pasta noddles that present a slightly cylindrical shape and paper-thin thickness that distinguishes them from the classic spaghetti.

This kind of pasta matches best with smooth, simple and elegant sauces and is often paired with black and white truffle. A minced spinach paste is added during the preparation to give the dough an earthy green color.


200 GR                                     1000 GR

(8858824702066)                                   (8858824700369)

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